Friday, 27 January 2012

The brief introduction

Temple of Aphaia - Aegina (August 2011)
You have to start somewhere and this is clearly the place.  I am an unabashed Phihellene, I enjoy Greek landscapes, culture, food and above all the history.

As a child in London, long before I ever went to Hellas, I would reenact the deeds of the heroes of Antiquity.  This would range from the Heraklean slaying of beasts to sacking Troy!

Now into middle-age my enthusiasm is undimmed, although my energy levels have dropped markedly. This has dictated that my reenactments are now played out with toy soldiers on the wargames table - rather than charging about the familial home sword in hand!

This blog will document my thoughts on anyone from Agamemnon to Agesilaus and anything from samosas to sarissas!  I will not limit myself to rambling about affairs Hellenic as I am also interested in Rome (especially the dealings with the East) Byzantium, Baktria and even the fearsome Makedonians.

I am sure that many of the opinions expressed here will prove troublesome to the orthodox wargaming community.  Hopefully most will stifle the cat-calls and perhaps even think again about something that was previously taken as Gospel!

Anyway, enough of this I have a pregnant parrot to care for.